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Back in the early 1950's their was a NEW and very popular TV show called; This is Your Life! Back then it was in black and white not color. Ralph Edwards created it and was the host. This had never been done before. It was a totally NEW concept! He would select many famous Hollywood Stars and Celebrities from the entertainment industries! Without them knowing he would create lifetime tribute movies of them and then find them at there worksite at a studio and surprise them by saying, Bob Hope THIS IS YOUR LIFE! He started the show with baby pictures and then went on to their successes!

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The program was a GREAT success! People often ask me, Tom what do you do for a living? I tell them that I am a movie maker just like Ralph Edwards only I create professional TV Quality Movies about ordinary people doing extraordinary things with their lives! They say to me, well I did not do anything famous! Then they go on to tell me about their family. Oh, yes, Dad was in World War II. Mom had four children back then and then he came home and started a business! Well, every human being with a family has a story to tell! Your family was an ALL AMERICAN FAMILY! Your family helped build our country, even though you may feel they were not special. Every family is special! My company is a FAITH based company. Millions of Americans just like you made our country Great! It was your family's character, ideals and purpose that made America what it is today! Your lifetime story needs a voice! All of those family albums with silent pictures need a definition of values! Your family had great integrity, style, class, courage, discipline and respect for others. You worked hard and followed the rules and lived your life on the concepts of our founding fathers in 1776! Your faith followed the Ten Commandments as our way of life! I bring life and voice and actions to the screen with all your family's joys and ups and downs and business success! I will use all of your old photo's, 8mm film, love letters, awards, family historical records, gatherings and special occasions which span over 100 years of your ancestors lives and four generations of your lives! And when this movie is complete, you can host your own family Red Carpet Party at your home or at a restaurant to celebrate your lives together! I promise to take you on a thrilling movie of your life's journey! Come with me and I will create a Family History Tribute Movie of your family's life on Earth! I know that you will have questions and I have the answers! I would like to arrange an appointment with you at no cost to show you a number of my movies! To view one of my Business Tribute Success Movie's that I created for America's best Wine Families, Robert Mondavi, simply click on the Movie Collage Review button to view!

Sincerely Yours,

tom catanese