making movies the hollywood style

Today to make a full two hour Hollywood Motion Picture you would spend between two and three months of production to get 120 minutes of a completed movie! That’s a total of 520 hours just to produce 120 minutes of film! Making Movies is a time sensitive project! Making your Family History and Legacy involves over 1500 details and 40-50 hours. That is why it is so expensive!

the movie making

The Movie making process is a seven step process! It is a time consuming project that takes much more time than you can imagine! Think of making a bedroom quilt! You are sewing a single piece of fabric at a time to make a two hundred and fifty sheet quilt that tells the story of your lifetime in a sequence that matches the photos on the screen with matching music!

  1. The Family Interview- Here we set up who is going to be in the movie! Normally we include the Grandparents, the Parents and your Children and you’re Grandchildren! Here we assign family individuals who can help with the order of things because there will be over 1,200 little details that all must work in unison with each other to make this a successful Movie! What we are doing is the same thing that they do in Hollywood! Except that all of the actors are pictures of your family members!
  2. We need one of the spouses to select all 125 photos, old film footage, awards, news clippings and love letters. These must all be placed into a year- by- year sequence! Then we need a family member who is a good writer to begin to write the narrative of the story as the co-director.
  3. Then we need a storyboard book person to place the photos into the story board pages that will be the story telling elements of the Movie!
  4. The next step, we take all the photos, the text, letters and awards and we insert them into the computer to begin the Movie making process!
  5. The next step, we take the film from the interview and match it up with the words and the photos and now we begin to create the Movie quilt! We now add the music tracks and the special effects to the Movie!
  6. The last step is to view the first draft with the family and preview where we need to correct any errors and omissions! We take the Movie back into our studios and correct the mistakes!
  7. The last step is to deliver the Movie. This is your Lifetime Story! You can now host your own Red Carpet Events for family and friends and hand out the Oscars to all members that help to create this wonderful and priceless Movie Production of your Lifetime!