five star motion picture studio facilities

As President of Five Star Motion Picture Productions, I started my business back in 1987! The Video Industry was just starting back then! They were the early years when video cameras were huge and not so easy to use! In the last 25 years, the digital camera has come a long way from what they were and what they are today! Let me tell you about my business! Over the years I have been awarded five Video Industry for Excellence! Almost all of my films are two hours in duration! The average film today in the Video Industry is only seventeen minutes! So I produce and direct the same size film of the average Hollywood movie which is 120 minutes! Over the years that I have been in business I have partnered with IMS-TV one of the leading Delaware Valley National TV Film production companies! The first photo shows the reception area of the studio. The second photo shows you the film archives with the major units of equipment needed to produce film of any size! The next photo is the sound and engineering department and studio. The next photo is the duplication side of the studio where hundreds of DVDs are copied and shipped out across the county to hundreds of National TV studios! We have been partnering with IMS-TV for many years! They are one of the top Delaware Valley TV, Film and Video Production Companies! They have about 6,000 square feet of studio space and offices! We use a good deal of their studio equipment and editing computers! They have about $400,000 dollars invested in all of this equipment and studio space! Creating your 30-40 minute Lifetime Story will take over 40-50 hours of our time and talent! Today when Hollywood makes a film, they will shoot for between 60 and 75 days! That’s a total of 520 hours! That is to produce a 2 hour film! Of that film footage they will get about 80 hours of useable film to edit! Then they will spend anywhere from 21 to 35 days editing the 80 hours of the film! Our first meeting with you and your family is to explain how the movie making process works! The second meeting, we bring a professional movie making camera so that we can capture the many stories about your grandparents and your parents and how you proposed to your spouse! Where did you first live in those early years! I will ask you and your family over 200 questions to get to the heart and soul of your family’s history and legacy!