family interview

250 Important Questions about your family’s lives!

  1. Tell us about meeting the person that you married!
  2. Tell us about how you proposed!
  3. Where did you spend your honeymoon?
  4. How many children did you plan on having?
  5. When did you purchase your first home?
  6. What was your first car? Did you ever buy a new car?
  7. Did you start your own business? Who did you work for?
  8. What time did you have to get up to go to work?
  9. Were you able to buy a new home in the future years?
  10. Do you have grandchildren? How many?
  11. What were the fondest memories of your Father?
  12. What were the fondest memories of your Mother?
  13. Did you have to walk to school or ride a bus?
  14. Are you still friends with your old classmates?
  15. What is your favorite memory or story of high school?
  16. What did you like about School?
  17. Who did you go to the Prom with that year?
  18. What was your favorite thing to do in High School?
  19. What was the most important thing you did in high school?
  20. What did you want to do with your life?
  21. What was your first job?
  22. Who was your first boss?
  23. Who was your favorite movie star back then?
  24. Who was your first love at school?
  25. What Religious faith did you relate to?
  26. What was your favorite food back then?
  27. What kind of car did you drive then?
  28. What was your favorite Meal that your Mother cooked?
  29. What was your favorite music back then?
  30. Did you have a chance to go to College?
  31. Were you able to find a job in the industry you wanted?
  32. What was your salary back then?
  33. What do you consider your biggest life time success?
  34. Where were your Grandparents from?
  35. What year did they come to America?
  36. How many brothers and sisters did you have?
  37. What was the most trouble that you ever got into?
  38. What character values did you parents pass on to you?
  39. Were you a member of any civic clubs?
  40. Was God important to you and your family?
  41. Talk about the five Dreams Come True that you have had?
  42. What were the three biggest crises that you survived?
  43. Talk about your community service, industry awards.
  44. What do you consider your biggest life time success?

This is only 44 of the 250 questions I will be asking at your interview!